Can my weight affect my health? Like my Blood Pressure and cholesterol?

Absolutely! If you are overweight, there is a definitely chance it can lead to increased blood pressure and cholesterol.

I can’t exercise much because my back and knees hurt. Can anything be done for that?

Yes! Certainly, if you are overweight, you would be surprised how even the loss of a few pounds can completely remove hip, back and joint pain.

Also, we offer chiropractic and physical therapy treatments that can make you feel years younger

I think my hormones are out of balance. What can I do? I can’t lose weight!

Many times hormonal imbalances in your thyroid or adrenals can cause you to feel tired and unable to lose weight. If you are menopausal, you might need a short course of bio identical hormone replacement. Once we correct your thyroid levels or adjust your estrogen levels, you will feel years younger and be able to lose weight.

Is this covered by Insurance?

There are many cases where you insurance will cover all or part of your care. Please let us know which insurance you have and we can let you know what might be covered. We accept most PPO insurances.