Online mental health counseling services are now widely available throughout the US, enabling people to connect with licensed therapists from the comfort of their own space via video, audio and secure messaging platforms. Telehealth sessions mirror in-person meetings while offering privacy, convenience and flexibility.

Telehealth providers not only offer advice for mental health concerns, but can also provide expert help with addiction treatment programs. These programs utilize clinical modalities and integrative care approaches to help individuals overcome addictive behavior and find long-term recovery.

An in-depth evaluation is performed to ascertain the most appropriate course of treatment, which could involve behavioral counseling, managing prescription medication, dialectical behavior therapy or motivational interviewing modalities among others. Furthermore, many programs can address co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and mental illness).

For anyone with mental health concerns, finding a therapist who uses proven approaches is essential. Our clinicians employ effective techniques that will help you feel better and live a better life. Whether individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, mindfulness training, or counseling services to address PTSD-related needs, our team can help.

Our dedicated therapists are fully devoted to delivering top-notch mental health care that’s uniquely tailored to each patient. Working together, we’ll pinpoint your goals and craft a personalized treatment plan designed exclusively for you. Our ultimate goal is to support you in achieving a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle while establishing a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

At Dr Dee Health Center at Huntington Beach, our years of experience treating various mental health conditions–from mood disorders to eating disorders–has given us extensive expertise. Our highly qualified therapists utilize various techniques, allowing them to tailor each plan specifically to the situation in front of them.

Orange County is an idyllic city known for its sunny weather and close proximity to the ocean, and our clinic can be found there. Patients enjoy the comfortable, relaxing environment provided by our staff members, who are all warm, caring individuals. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost, so contact us now so we can begin providing it! We look forward to hearing from you!

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